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Women, Technology & Policy: Insights from Congress, Private and Public Sectors - On-Demand Webinar

Much like women in Congress, women in the technology sector have made great strides in reducing the gender imbalance, yet female underrepresentation persists. Our speakers discussed their experiences within the technology industry, the challenges and opportunities that women continue to face, and whether technology is aiding in gender and minority equity. We hope you enjoy this recording!

*Note the recording began a few minutes late, and the announcement that Representative DelBene was pulled into a last-minute White House meeting and could no longer join the panel was not recorded. She sent her regrets and noted the importance of the issue, and looks forward to engaging with us again in the future.


Michele Nellenbach | Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Bipartisan Policy Center


Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-Wash.) | Co-Chair, Women's High Tech Caucus

Internet of Things Caucus and Reality Caucus

Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) | Co-Chair and Co-Founder, Congressional

Women in STEM Caucus

Chanelle Hardy | Head of Civil Rights, Google

Abby Sears | President and Chief Executive Officer, OCHIN

Nicol Turner Lee | Senior Fellow of Governance Studies and Director of the Center for Technology Innovation, Brookings Institution

Belinda Guadarrama | Chief Executive Officer, GC Micro Corporation



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