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The year of formation for 131 & Counting marked the highest percentage of women in Congress in our nation's history, with 131 women serving in both chambers. 131 & Counting aims to increase the number of women in Congress and public policy positions. To achieve that end, 131 & Counting holds educational and social forums to build a bipartisan network of women leaders by bringing together women public policy professionals, women congressional staff, and women lawmakers.  

We celebrate all of the trailblazing women serving in Congress like Jeanette Rankin who famously said after her election in 1916:

"I may be the first woman member of Congress, but I won't be the last.""

 VISION & GOALS - THE 3 C'S                         

CULTIVATE relationships with women policy leaders

CONNECT women policy professionals with women lawmakers

CELEBRATE the growing number of women in Congress

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